Vijay Eswaran, the Malaysian Businessman and Co-founder of QI Group

Vijay Eswaran is a well-known Malaysian businessman and is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of the QI Group.

Background Information on QI Group

In 1998, QI Group was co-founded by Eswaran as an e-commerce based multilevel marketing company. The company has diversified businesses such as telecommunications, education, media, direct and retail sales, leisure and lifestyle, logistics and training. QI Group’s headquarters is in Hong Kong, China but over the years, it has expanded in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Singapore. The company has 1500 employees working in the thirty countries.

About Vijay Eswaran

Vijay is a fifty-six-year-old businessman and author. Eswaran is also a well-respected motivational speaker who lectures worldwide on various topics from business to spirituality. He has also had the opportunity speak at leading leadership forums and events such as Commonwealth Business and Economic Forum. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran:

In 1984, Vijay Eswaran obtained a degree in socio-economic from the London School. After earning his degree, Eswaran extended his stay in Europe to work on various jobs in Belgium, France, and also in the UK. Vijay later enhanced his education levels by acquiring a CIMA(Chartered Institute of Management Accountants) certification and an MBA from the Southern Illinois University in 1986.

Vijay Eswaran’s Awards

In July 2011, Vijay was listed among the annual list of philanthropy heroes within the Asian region by Forbes Asia Magazine. In 2013, the Asian Business Advisory Council named him ‘CEO of the Year.’

Eswaran is a best-selling writer who is known for his book‘ In the Sphere of Silence.’ The book is based on management of life and hails widely in multiple languages across the globe. To his credit, Vijay also has three other books; On the Wings Of Thought, 18 Stepping Stones, and In The Thinking Zone. Also, Mr Eswaran is a regular contributor of newspapers columns in Sri Lanka and Malaysia.

Apart from managing his businesses successfully, Mr Eswaran actively participates in philanthropic activities across the globe. Vijay is a reputable businessman responsible for the continuous success of QI Group.

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Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

Julie Zuckerberg Is an Exceptional Recruiter

Recruiting is a competitive industry and something that not many people are great at. The people who are able to get into recruiting have to be very good at what they do so that they are able to get the most out of the businesses that they are working with. Julie Zuckerberg is one of the people who is able to do that and is great at what she does. She has made a name for herself within the banking industry and has become one of the top recruiters that many companies are constantly trying to get to work for them.


The Deutsche Bank is currently where Julie Zuckerberg works at but it is not where she has always worked. In the time that she has been working as a recruiter, she has done a lot with different companies and has brought a lot of success into the companies. This has allowed her to become the top in her field and has also given her the chance to be able to do more with the career that she has created for herself. Because of the options that she has with recruiting and because of the way that she can do more with her career, she has been able to get a lot of help out of the businesses that she works with.


When it comes to the way that things are done with companies, Julie Zuckerberg knows all about it. She does what she can to make sure that she is always up to date on the policies that the companies have. She wants to make sure that she knows what the companies are doing and what they will be able to do in the future. She knows the right way to run the recruiting aspect of a business and this has led to her success along with the success of many other people.


Before Julie Zuckerberg worked for the Deutsche Bank, she worked with the New York Life Insurance Company. It was a company where she was still responsible for the recruiting opportunities but it was not something that she loved doing. She was more comfortable in environments like the Deutsche Bank. She even did well with Citi because it was a bank. This allowed her to do more with the options that she had and gave her the chance to really enjoy the way that things were working with the banking industry.


When it comes to being outside of work, Julie Zuckerberg enjoys doing many new things. She likes to take pictures, she loves art and she enjoys exploring New York City. She finds that she can learn many new things about life each time that she tries to do more fun things. It allows her to learn more about the options that she has and helps her to have a better time with the life that she has outside of work. Her hobbies are definitely something that she enjoys being able to do when she is not recruiting.


Brad Reifler Is A Name To Know In The Investment Industry

In the investment industry, there are many people who are interested in becoming investment professionals. There are various reasons why people have an interest in starting a career in the investment industry, a main reason is that they feel the industry can provide the opportunity for advancement and significant income. The investment industry has always been an industry that encourages success by the professionals who work in the industry.

Many people have accomplished great things in the investment industry. The combination of desire and hard work can go a long way for people looking to make a career in the investment industry. A starting point for many people who enter the investment industry is sales.

They sale the various investment products that are available through the particular investment company where they work. In the investment industry, numbers are at the center of what is done both inside and outside investment companies.

For the professionals who work in the investment companies, numbers have a huge impact on their careers. The professionals who produce well in their jobs generally move up in the companies and receive higher compensation and bonuses. The companies can follow the performance of their investment professionals by reviewing the numbers that are produced. For professionals who sale investment products, their sale numbers provide a clear look at their results.

Other professionals also have numbers that reflect their performance. Every job in investment companies have numbers that are attached to the jobs. The investment companies also have performance numbers for the companies. People outside the companies can compared the performance of various investment companies based on the numbers.

According to Crunchbase, Brad Reifler is an investment professional who has been able to do very in the investment industry. Brad Reifler has provided outstanding numbers in every job he has held in the investment industry.

From his professional start to his current status as a CEO with an investment company, Brad Reifler has numbers that show his productivity as an investment professional.

PR Newswire said that Brad Reifler understands the power of numbers in the investment industry and what they mean to investment professionals as well as investment companies.

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Influential People Of Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona is lucky to be called home to some very influential personalities; none more so than the philanthropic futurist Jason Hope. Jason believes in creating a better future for the society of tomorrow.

He is interested in helping people live longer, healthier lives. Jason Hope is an advocate of several humanitarian organizations that work to improve the lives of humankind. He actively pursues new opportunities to work with and support more world-changing organizations.

A technology expert, Jason’s experience and knowledge in the field help him overcome the many obstacles that come with the challenge of being a social entrepreneur today. Jason is a philanthropist who believes very strongly in the benefits of studying anti-aging for a better quality of life.

Jason is an active supporter of the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation’s focus is on diseases, such as Alzheimer’s disease, that speed up the aging process of the human body. Jason is passionate about using medical innovation to stop these types of ailments from decreasing our qualities of life. Getting involved with the community on a local, regional, and statewide level has benefitted the people and made Jason Hope an influential figure in not only Scottsdale, but Arizona as a whole.

End Citizens United Campaigns Finance Reform

End Citizens United is the name of a political action committee that campaigns finance reform. It is getting quite big as they are going to funnel millions of dollars in order to support Democratic candidates who are taking part in House and Senate races. This is not limited to any particular States, but rather all across the country.


The End Citizens United group has already been able to raise over $2 million in collections. This has come from small donors. The group plans to rake in between $25 million and $30 million in the entire cycle.


The group is focused on getting a constitutional amendment passed that will reverse the decision of the Supreme Court. This was given in 2010. It led to the rise of super PACs that resulted in large amounts of dark money entering politics. Nearly 325,000 people have already signed this petition by End Citizens United, which demands that Congress should pass such legislation.


There are many plans already in the pipeline in order to give this number a boost. The End Citizens United has partnered with “Ready for Hillary” campaign. They have an email list of 4 million people. They plan to rent this out in order to enable them to reach out to their potential supporters.


They have announced their endorsement of 11 Democratic candidates. These include Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Michael Bennet of Colorado. Both of them are former Senators. This is definitely going to give a big boost to their campaign.


Do note that End Citizens United is not the only PAC that is focusing on campaign finance reform. But this is a Group that is looking at the political angle too. Hence they are trying to get those people elected who they feel, would be able to change the existing laws. Hence the Group backs those candidates who are in favor of finance reform and are willing to stand up with End Citizens United.


They will have to set up an expenditure arm soon. This is because they plan to financially back their candidates in a big way. They would be making use of initiatives such as television ads, mailers as well as polling.


The campaign finance reforms will be enacted on the local and state level too. This is because a constitutional amendment has to win consent from two-thirds of the Senate as well as the House. It needs to be ratified by three-fourths of states in order to win consent. Hence such an approach is required.


The fact remains that all this is an uphill task for all those people who have chosen this path. After all, not a single Constitutional amendment has been passed in America since 1992.