The Major Benefits of Orange Coast College Recycling Facility

There are many achievements that Orange Coast College has made up to date and are continuing to do so for the better part of providing beneficial services to the community. The recent achievement is the completion of this large recycling plant recently and opened to the public for use. It took over a whole year to complete the task using up more than $7 million to complete the project. Despite the cost, the facility will help the public by having somewhere to dispose of their used items thus contributing to environmental conservation. Learn more:

The Coast College has been providing services for some decades now and as they started as a small facility. They have constructed a large building with a vast parking area that is five times bigger than the one they used to have. They have new offices, conference rooms and showers and visitors will benefit a lot from these facilities because a place like the parking will accommodate up to 45 vehicles.

They have seen a lot of use for the facility as people all the way from California come to the OCC for recycling services which include glass containers and aluminum and tin cans. They also recycle all types of defunct appliances, plastic and metal scrapes and even paper products. The facility pays well for the recycling products the visitors bring in. For those visitors who bring beverages bottles, they are compensated a standard California Redemption of 5 cents for small cans and 10 cents for the larger bottles, and all the other recycling products are equally paid for on pound basis. Learn more:

They have the potential, and currently, they renew electronic products too such as old computers projectors and printers offloading owners the burden of keeping the items in their homes consuming a lot of space. Their staff are professionals and have the necessary skills to ensure that they do not pollute the environment when visitors bring small batteries avoiding because these substances contain harmful substances like lead, cadmium, and mercury.

The OCC facility has provided many benefits to the local community where they can have provided a means for the locals to earn some dollars out of the used products which they could have simply disposed of. This facility has made the surrounding air fresh and preventing waste products from entering the water sources thus conserving the forests and the environment as a whole.