End Citizens United Campaigns Finance Reform

End Citizens United is the name of a political action committee that campaigns finance reform. It is getting quite big as they are going to funnel millions of dollars in order to support Democratic candidates who are taking part in House and Senate races.


The End Citizens United group has already been able to raise over $2 million in collections. This has come from small donors. The group plans to rake in between $25 million and $30 million in the entire cycle.


The group is focused on getting a constitutional amendment passed that will reverse the decision of the Supreme Court. This was given in 2010. It led to the rise of super PACs that resulted in large amounts of dark money entering politics. Nearly 325,000 people have already signed this petition by End Citizens United, which demands that Congress should pass such legislation.


There are many plans already in the pipeline in order to give this number a boost. The End Citizens United has partnered with “Ready for Hillary” campaign. They have an email list of 4 million people. They plan to rent this out in order to enable them to reach out to their potential supporters.


They have announced their endorsement of 11 Democratic candidates. These include Russ Feingold of Wisconsin and Michael Bennet of Colorado. Both of them are former Senators. This is definitely going to give a big boost to their campaign.


Do note that End Citizens United is not the only PAC that is focusing on campaign finance reform. But this is a Group that is looking at the political angle too. Hence they are trying to get those people elected who they feel, would be able to change the existing laws.


They will have to set up an expenditure arm soon. This is because they plan to financially back their candidates in a big way. They would be making use of initiatives such as television ads, mailers as well as polling.


The campaign finance reforms will be enacted on the local and state level too. This is because a constitutional amendment has to win consent from two-thirds of the Senate as well as the House. It needs to be ratified by three-fourths of states in order to win consent. Hence such an approach is required.


The fact remains that all this is an uphill task for all those people who have chosen this path. After all, not a single Constitutional amendment has been passed in America since 1992.